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Greetings from Jytra!

Despite of vast experience with NX software for almost 17 years, we suddenly landed into Siemens PLM License Server in a new computer. Below is the system configuration:

Operating System : Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

Siemens PLM License Server Version: v8.2.1_win64_setup

When we are attempting to install the license server we were getting a series of error messages like below:

Java VM cannot be started


unable to start application - java virtual machine cannot be loaded


unable to start application - java virtual machine cannot be loaded
Class not registered.

Then we noticed that the system is missing with Java Run time Environment. Hence as a common best practice, landed on to Oracle website and downloaded the latest JRE for Windows 64bit and installed.

When we tried again, we are getting the same message again and again. Repeated uninstall and install of JRE latest version didn't help.

Finally, we really realized is Simens PLM server is looking for a path as below:

C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin

However, the latest JRE 8 has a different installed path, jre7 is replaced by some thing like jre 8.2.1. So this is the reason Siemens License Server is unable to find the execuatable for jre7. They are still stuck with jre7 for some internal reasons.

So, we followed the below final steps to get rid of these issues:

  1. Uninstall all Java Runtime versions from the computer.
  2. Restart the computer
  3. Search for java 7 for Windows 7 64bit operation system (or as per your Operating system). In our case, we found the latest JRE as "jre-7u80-windows-x64.exe".
  4. Set the environment variable as :  My computer-> right click -> properties -> Advanced System Settings -> Environment Variables -> Create/Edit the variable (_JAVA_OPTIONS = -Xmx512M)
  5. Please note "_JAVA_OPTIONS" has to be pasted in Variable Name field and "-Xmx512M" to be pasted in variable value field. Make sure there are no extra spaces in above strings.
  6. Try installing jre7 downloaded above in your pc. It should work fine.
  7. In case of any error, change the above Environment variable as "_JAVA_OPTIONS = Xmx512M"
  8. After this you install Siemens PLM License server, it should work fine.
  9. Still if you face any problem, add the path of your java.exe in "Path" Environment variable at the end after a ; (Example: Path = .......;C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin;C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin\java.exe. ). Do not delete any previous values in Path variable. Just add the new java paths at the end separated by '.

Now NX license server should work perfect.

Hope these steps will save your time and help you in flawless installations of Siemens PLM License Server.

Thanks & Best Regards,

Murali Krishna Mutyala

Jytra Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.



Chennai Training is in increasing demand day by day. Jytra Engineering Services has established a sales office in Chennai to cater the training requirements of local companies.

We can conduct highly competent corporate training programs either at onsite or offshore. Comapanies can contact our regional office to get solutions for their training needs.

Individuals in Chennai, looking for training are advised to contact our Hyderabad office to register for various training programs. We run the training no regular basis in various disciplines like Unigraphics NX, Catia V5, AutoCAD, LISP, ARX, GRIP, UFunc, Knowledge Fusion, GD&T etc.

Contact us today for complete details.

Jytra Engineering Services is one of the leading CAD companies in India. Jytra is being operated from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh for the past four years.

Unlike other CAD Companies, Jytra Engineering Services has high level of technical competency, well qualified and experienced engineers in different domains, state-of-the art own facility located in mid part of Hyderabad.

When compared our competitor CAD Companies, Jytra offers high and value added services at “lower global prices”.  We depend on process based approach to execute projects to get best results in little time. As a leading CAD company, we offer services ranging from new product development, prototyping, RPT, tool design, concept development, testing, value engineering & value analysis, design automation, CAD customization and CAD Training.

Chennai is a becoming more and more popular with many engineering companies setting up their business units in and around Chennai. There are many Automotive companies started design and manufacturing units in Chennai for the last couple of years.

Chennai is located in south India and has good proximity to sea, air and road transportation. Further, Governement of Tamilnadu is offering several benefits to new aspirants who are willing to start business in Chennai.

With growing engineering community CAD projects are playing key role in Chennai. CAD Chennai is increasing its market share day by day. This is opening new opportunities to CAD Service providers and CAD designers in getting projects and jobs. Keeping the demands of CAD Chennai in mind, Jytra Engineering Services has started a local market office in Chennai. People can reach our Chennai office for local CAD project requirements.

There are many small and medium Mechanical industries in Hyderabad. Hyderabad is well know for mechanical tool and die making companies. The advatages of Hyderabad mechanical industries are low cost of production, availability of skilled labour, easy modes of transportation etc.

Jytra Engineering Services has been providing various solutions Hyderabad mechanical industries. The service range from 3D Solid modeling, Surface modeling, reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, drawing creating etc. Jytra services are very affordable to Hyderabad mechanical industries. Quality, quick turnaround and commitment of delivery dates are key strengths of Jytra Engineering Services compared to competitors.

Most of the mechanical industries in Hyderabad are small and medium size. They cannot afford for expensive resources like software, designers etc. Jytra offers low cost yet genuine and legal software tools like ProgeCAD, Solid Edge etc. to Hyderbad mechnical industries. Jytra can also refer training mechanical engineers to these industries at no cost.

Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.

Hyderabad is a popular city in the World for training institutes specialized in Information Technology (Software & Hardware), Engineering skills, CAD, CAM, CAE and other competitive examinations. Hyderabad Training is well known for its cost effective training solutions. Many people participate in training programs at Hyderabad from various parts of the globe.

Jytra Engineering Services was established in 2006 and has been providing various training and consultancy services to various global customers. Jytra has well qualified and experienced design engineers in Mechanical, Product Design and Tool Design domains. We depute our design engineers to conduct the training programs also to combine their practical skills along with theoretical skills.

Below is a list of our popular training programs:

  • CAD (Auto-CAD, Unigraphics NX, Catia etc.)
  • CAM (Unigraphics 3 axes & 5 axes)
  • Engineering Domain Skills (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Auto-LISP / Visual-LISP Programming
  • Unigraphics GRIP / UFUNC / Knowledge Fusion
  • Design Automation
  • Value Engineering & Value Analysis (VA/VE)
  • Reverse Engineering
  • New Product Development
  • Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing (GD&T) per ASME Y14.5M-2009
  • Tolerance Stack-up & Analysis
  • Tool Design

Contact us today for complete details.

Jytra Engineering Services is one of the best training institutes in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. Jytra has been offering various training programs since 2006. Today Jytra is offering Unigraphics NX, Solid Edge trainings in association wit Siemens PLM Software. Also we offer AutoCAD 2D&3D training which is affiliated to SBTET, Government of Andhra Pradesh.

Unlike other training institutes in Hyderabad, Jytra focus mainly quality of the training. We simply don\'t deploy inexperienced faculty to conduct the training. we give more emphasis on application knowledge rather than teaching mere software commands. Many training institutes in Hyderabad use couterfeit software, offer programs for a cheaper price and terminate the course incompleted. Jytra Engineering Services uses genuine software tools and offers systematic training as per the predefined schedule.

In order to distinguish ourselves from other training institutes in Hyderabad, we associated with globally leading CAD, CAM and PLM Software developers to provide in depth training to our studetns. We use practical drawings for practcing the sofwate unlike other training institutes in Hyderabad who use basic exercises from engineering drawing books. These exercises doesn\'t help in applying the software in real time world.

Apart form own certification like other training institutes in Hyderabad, Jytra also offers certifications from SBTET, Siemens, ProgeSoft etc. which are recognized at a wider spectrum.

The whole world is under tremendous financial pressure these days. Everyone is fearing now to invest huge capital on new projects. The Automotive sector is undergoing recession now especially in North America. The financial trouble of Big 3 (General Motors, Ford Motors and Chrysler Motors) is very discouraging for the entire mechanical engineering community. Most Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 suppliers, service providers and sub-contractors will be affected by this. The automotve sales are dropped by over 30% this year compared to same quarter last year.

Most companies are declaring holidays, forcing employees to apply leaves, cutting-down production etc. However, the new product development, Research & Development activities cannot be stopped completely. So is the case for engineering changes and revisions. Thus companies should identify alternate sources to perform their activities at lower prices. Outsourcing is the best solution to overcome this problem.

Outsourcing Engineering Services is little difficult compared to other services. Following are the critial aspects in finding a competent service provider:

  • Technical skills

  • Commitment

  • Regular Communication

  • Infrastructure and facilities to deliver the tasks on-time

  • Cost competitiveness

There are very few companies in the world to handle the projects with above qualifications. Before awarding projects, the client is advised to check the portfolio and testimonials of the service provider and visit the facility if possible.

Jytra Engineering Services has several years of practical application knowledge of AutoCAD software. We have applied AutoCAD software to various projects in different domains. Thus we have strong application knowledge about the software.

We have designed various AutoCAD training programs right from beginners level to advanced user level including software customization. Special focus will be given in applying the software in best ways to various projects. There are several custom designed exercises, course manuals and dummy projects to ensure effective training. Like other training centers, we don''t focus only software commands. We strongly believe that application knowledge is more important than merely learning the software tool. The structured training plan will ensure the trainees to learn the features, commands and tools available in software to a greater depth. The second part of the program involves the trainees to work projects and practical drawings to effectively apply various methods to the project.

The designers who work on regular projects only handles the training program, we use dedicated faculty members. This help both trainees and designers to explore the software in a right way.

AutoCAD Course Affiliated to SBTET, Government of Andhra Pradesh

Jytra Engineering Services is affiliated to State Board of Technical Education and Training, Government of Andhra Pradesh, India. The Authorization number is "Procs.No.SBTET/B1/787CCIC/2010", dated 23rd July, 2010. This affiliation is valid for the year 2010-14 to offer 3 months duration Certification Course on AutoCAD, Office Automation and PC Maintenance & Trouble Shooting. The total intake capacity is 30 in each batch (total 90).

The trainees of Jytra Engineering Services are eligible to appear for the CCIC Examination conducted by SBTET for the current Academic Year.

Pass Certificates (on AutoCAD) will be issued by SBTET, Government of Andhra Pradesh, to the qualified candidates in theory and practical examinations. Theory exam will be conducted at one of the Government Polytechnics in and around Hyderabad City. Practical exams will be conducted by Jytra Engineering Services, Hyderabad and report the marks to SBTET. This examination will be normally conducted twice every year.

Contact Jytra Engineering Services to know more details about our "Certification Courses In Computers (CCIC) in AutoCAD, Office Automation and PC Maintenance & Troubleshooting".

Note: Certification from SBTET, Government of Andhra Pradesh will depend on the performance on individual in both Theory and Practical Examinations which are set at high standards to meet the real time industry requirements.

Why to learn from Jytra Engineering Services?

  • Highly skilled and experienced designers.
  • Professionally prepared training schedules.
  • Monitoring the training progress for each trainee on daily basis.
  • Custom developed Course manuals supported by industry leaders like SIEMENS, ProgeSOFT etc.
  • Practical Exercises on real-time drawings.
  • Exposure to Dummy projects and Live projects.
  • Genuine Software Licenses.
  • Unlimited lab hours with 1:1 computers for each trainee.
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure.
  • Individual attention by faculty, course coordinator and center manager.
  • Genuine Job references to Engineering Companies.
  • Affordable Training Fee which is very competitive in market.

Our CAD Training Programs on AutoCAD

  • AutoCAD 2D
  • AutoCAD 3D
  • AutoCAD 2D & 3D (Advanced)
  • AutoCAD Mechanial
  • AutoCAD Civil
  • AutoCAD Electrical
  • AutoLISP Programming
  • Visual LISP Programming
  • ARX Programming

Genuine Placement Opportunities

As we are the leaders in CAD/CAM training, several people contact us about their man power requirements. We refer our trainees to them directly to undergo selection procedure. This reference is absolutely free both to the recruiters and candidates. We do not entertain middlemen and job placement consultants to maintain transparency.

Disclaimer: Though we try our level best to show employment opportunities to our trainees, there are several factors like individual performance, communication, qualifications etc. in getting the job. Hence we do not give any job guarantee which will mislead the people.


Jytra Engineering Services offers unique training program on Unigraphics Knowledge Fusion. Training is available either at Hyderabad office or through online at very reasonable price.

Following are the broad Unigraphics Knowledge Fusion Training Contents:
  • Introduction to KF
  • What is KBE?
  • KF Navigator
  • Attributes
  • Classes
  • Expressions
  • Statements
  • Basic Syntax
  • Environment Variables
  • Adoption
  • Referencing & Information Passing
  • Frames
  • KF Programming
  • Dialog box creation (UI Styler)
  • Linking dialog box to KF programs
  • Creating & Executing DFA files
  • Dummy Projects

Contact us today for more details about this program.
Knowledge Fusion for Designers 3 Years, 2 Months ago  
  • Course Contents:
    - Course Overview
    - Introduction
    - KF Navigator
    - Attributes
    - Child Rules
    - Classes
    - Design control
    - Expressions
    - Adoption
    - UDFs
    - Assemblies
    - Optimization
    - Exercises
Knowledge Fusion for Programmers 3 Years, 2 Months ago  
Course Contents:
- Course Overview
- Introduction
- Fundamentals of Programming
- Intermediate Programming
- Additional Programming Elements
- UI Styler Custom Dialog
- Interactive Code Editor (ICE)
- Spread Sheet Access
- External Database Access (ODBC)
- Exercises


Along with other popular CAD training programs, Jytra Engineering Services is offering the high competency CAM training in Unigraphics NX software. As you may aware, Unigraphics CAM is the top range software for 3 axis and 5 axis CNC Programming.

Jytra Engineering Services has over three years of experience in Unigraphics CAM module to conduct the training program very effectively. The key faculty has worked in India and USA on CNC machines for various components.

Here are the broad topics of Unigraphics NX training:

  •  Introduction
  •  What is CAM?
  •  Principles of Metal cutting
  •  Geometry Creation
  •  Cutting Tool Creation
  •  Cutting Tool Selection
  •  Machining Strategies
  •  Cutter path generation
  •  Checking for Gouging
  •  Checking tool collisions
  •  Application of Coolants
  •  3 axis & 5 axis programs
  •  Generation of CLSF
  •  Post processing
  •  Digital simulation
  •  Machining Time
  •  Part support techniques


Contact us today to know more details about this program.

If you notice the problem of Graphics Display, especially in sketch dimensions. It is a problem that sketch dimensions will appear as zig zag lines, dimensions will be clumsy and values cannot be read unless we try to edit them. The possible reasons are:

(i) One reason is if we install 32bit version of NX on a 64bit computer, it is more likely to cause the graphics problem and vice-versa.

(ii) If the Graphics capacity of the computer is not sufficient to run NX, we will notice this problem. But this will be more on 3D geometry like solids and surfaces. Even the wireframe geometry will not be proper. Sketch dimensions are expected to appear correctly in this case.

For further help you may contact Siemens Global Technical Access Center (GTAC).

Jytra Engineering Services currently is a famous training institute in India. Jytra has trained several fresh and practicing engineers on practical CAD/CAM tools.

As a training institute India, Jytra Engineering Services has developed the following courses:

  • Unigraphics NX3/NX4/NX5

  • Catia V5

  • AutoCAD

  • AutoLISP

  • Unigraphics GRIP

  • Unigraphics Knowledge Fusion (KF)

  • Unigraphics UFunc

  • Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing

  • Value Engineering & Value Analysis (VA/VE)

  • Engineering Graphics etc.

Our training courses are supported by well designed and unique training exercises, project engineers as faculty members, dedicated systems for practice, dummy projects etc.

We give maximum attention to practical training and cover the in detail contents of CAD/CAM software tools to transfer maximum benefits to the trainee.

Unlike other training institutes in India, we evaluate the skill level and performance of our trainees on periodic basis and take necessary measures to improve their effectiveness of learning. Our faculty will spend time with each trainee and assist them on personal basis. To improve the effectiveness, we restrict the batch size to below five for any kind of training program.

There are several training institutes in India specialized in different areas. Jytra Engineering Services is a specialized training institute in India on CAD, CAM, AutoLISP, GRIP, UFunc, Knowledge Fusion (KF) and other Mechanical Engineering Domain skills.

Jytra Engineering Services has joined few famous Engineering Colleges in India to offer industry demanded skill training programs for student or fresh engineers.

We continue to put all our efforts to become number CAD/CAM training institute in India.

Contact us today to know more details about our courses, course contents, fee structure, schedule etc.

Microsoft Office provides a nice option to send automatic and custom emails to a group of recipients with custom names, greetings etc. I have explained the step by step procedure to set up your first mail merge.

Following are the steps:

  • Start your “office outlook” connected and running in your computer.

  • Prepare a list of email addresses in excel sheet.

  • Open MS word.

  • Click on Mailings tab.

  • Click on “select recipients” and choose “use existing list”

  • Select the excel file you created for email ids.

  • Click on “Start mail merge” and select “letters” option.

  • Compose your message in MS Word itself.

  • You can use “Insert Merge Field” option to choose excel filelds like greeting, recipient name etc. Names will change for individual recipients to create an appearance like it is a custom mail rather than group mail.

  • Click on “Finish & Merge”.

  • Choose “Send email messages” option.

  • In the “to” field, select email format from the drop down list.

  • Enter the subject line.

  • Click OK, your emails will be sent one after the other from your outlook email account.

These steps are written for Microsoft Office 2007. More or less it will be similar for Office 2003 also, let me know if you need any more help.

There is a limitation in using Symbolic Thread in Wave Geometry Linking. You will be able to select only Body for linking, not thread curves. Even promotion of bodies doesn''t support this.

In my opinion, it is better to recreate thread on Linked Body and link the thread parameters through interpart expressions. So that separately they are associative to main part.

Share with us, if there is a better solution.

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) is an additive Rapid Prototyping (RP) technique that uses a high power laser (like CO2 beam) to fuse small particles of plastic or metal powder into desired 3D shape. The laser selectively fuses powdered material by scanning cross-sections generated from a 3D digital description of the part (from CAD data) on the surface of a powder bed.

After the first cross-section is sintered, the powder bed is lowered by one layer thickness so that the laser beam will sinter the next layer of part. The process repeats until the complete geometry is sintered from powder.

SLS RP technique can be used for wide range of materials like polymers (nylon, glass filled or with other fillers, polystyrene), metals like steel, titanium, alloy mixtures and composites. Green sand also can be used in this process. However, these powders will be specially prepared by manufacturers to suit a particular SLS machine.

This is most powerful RP technique to form complex geometric shapes and even the assemblies. Almost any geometry which can be modeled in CAD can be produced physically.

SLS does not require support structures unlike other RP processes such as Stereolithography (SLA) and Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) due to the fact that part being built is always surrounded by unsintered powder all the time. The part can be directly taken out from powder after the sintering process is completed. The remained powder can be reused in machine with appropriate combination with unused powder.

In Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India, the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Osmania University has procured a SLS machine recently from EOS Gmbh.

Siemens UGS will be launching Unigraphics NX 7.0 Software Release with 3D HD feature to provide better visual analysis. This feature will include new visual environment into Unigraphics software including Teamcenter PLM Software. Application users can easily develop and interpret the visual product data to improve their design speed and decision making. They can evaluate the product design on key factors such as release status, weight thresholds, material type, delivery status, mock up etc.

Instead of the conventional static 2D graphical format, 3DHD  promotes a higher definition visual representation of 3D data. In addition, the software will display interactive tags on screen, which when selected, will deliver more detailed information about the product or sub assembly. Part numbers, Bill of Materials (BOM), material data etc. can be integrated to the part. This eliminates the need for engineers to manually surf through other design documents.

The HD3D analytics capabilities will also be implemented in Check-mate software.

Contact Jytra Engineering Services today if you need more details.

Following are the detailed course contents for NX Sheet Metal Design Course (Course Code MT16020_s):

  1. Course Overview
  2. Typical NX Sheet Metal Workflow
  3. Preferences and Defaults
  4. NX Sheet Metal Base Features
  5. Tab Activity
  6. Create and Edit Contour Flange
  7. Contour Flange-2 Activities
  8. Lofted Flange
  9. Lofted Flange-2 Activities
  10. Flange
  11. Flange-3 Activities
  12. Bend Taper
  13. Hem Flange
  14. Convert to Sheet Metal and Flat Solid -1 Activity
  15. Sheet Metal from Solid
  16. Bend Region Control
  17. Flat Solid
  18. Flat Pattern
  19. Bending Sheet Metal
  20. Bend Region
  21. Sheet Metal Corners
  22. Edge Rip
  23. Jog
  24. Sheet Metal Cut-outs
  25. Dimple
  26. Drawn Cutout
  27. Louver
  28. Solid Punch
  29. Bead
  30. Starting NX with Teamcenter Integration for NX (for Teamcenter Users only)
  31. Aerospace Sheet Metal (on Special Requirement only)

Please furnish the following details to generate Solid Edge ST3 License File:

(i) Check your system requirements at

(ii) Find out the Computer Name (My Computer -> Right Mouse Button -> Properties -> Computer Name).

(iii) Click on Start Menu -> Run -> then type "CMD" -> then type "vol C:" in CMD window. You will get an 8 digit volume ID like xxxx-yyyy.

Please ensure that you meet requirements in Step (i) fully, and send us the details from Step (ii) and Step (iii) to generate the licenses.

With best wishes,

Jytra Engineering Sevices

Velocity Series Marketing Team

Today we would like to share the boundary machining methodology I tried recently. In one of my recent project on Aluminum machining, I have nested four parts. My intention was to create four different parts from a single stock. It includes the rough cavity cut and finish fixed contour cut.

I have used #8 counter sunk screw to hold the part and used a 1/8″ dowel pin to avoid rotation of part. 1/8″ Ball nose cutter was used for entire machining.

I normally prefer to use a single cutter for complete machining which eliminates the need of “Z” point reset.

Instead of machining the unnecessary stock material, I have created a rough boundary against each part which is slightly greater than the tool diameter. I wanted to separate the remaining stock in block form itself instead of machining it into chips.

I have taken care to use the transfer plane as clearance plane instead of previous plane at each level of cut. Well, it all worked well except for one problem. There was a chunk of island remained after the boundary cut which was separated from parts. I have not cleared the bottom surface of material so that this island can fall down.

Hence, it remained inside the pocket hindering the tool movement in successive cuts. Luckily I was watching the machine that time, slowed down the cutting speed and carefully removed the island. It was almost breaking the cutter.

So, here is the lesson I learnt. It is a very good practice to do the boundary machining with clearance plane transfer (don’t forget this to avoid cutter fouling with in process work piece). You have to make sure the solid scrap material will fall down automatically after its separation from the blank stock.

This method can save up to 30 to 40% of overall machining time.

Hope you found this article useful.

Operating System Requirements and Information

  • Windows XP Professional operating system with Service Pack 3 or above (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Windows Vista Business or Vista Enterprise operating system (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Windows 7 Enterprise, Ultimate and Professional (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Internet Explorer 6 or 8.

Hardware System Requirements

  • Recommended system configuration
    • 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor
    • Windows 7 operating system for optimal performance and user experience
    • At least 2 GB RAM
    • True Color (32-bit) or 16 million colors (24-bit)
    • Screen Resolution: 1280 x 1024 or higher, wide-screen format
    • 5 GB disk space required for installation

Display System Requirements and Information

For information about cards used in testing Solid Edge and results, refer to

A 1GB dedicated graphic card or higher is recommended when working with large assemblies or complex parts.


Jythra Engineering Services has a proven track record of handling various challenging projects where time and quality are crucial factors. We work with a high level of commitment to add value to our clients through well optimized project processes.

Vision of Jythra

To be the service partner of choice for engineering industry in providing reliable solutions to complex engineering problems.

Our Strengths

  • Innovative Approach
  • Quality Assurance
  • Data Security & Confidentiality
  • High level of commitment
  • Quick Turnaround
  • Competitive Pricing