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Buy ProgeCAD software in India from Jytra Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad at the lowest price. Jytra has its own network of Dealers in India however, technical support will be directly provided by Jytra head office.

Buy ProgeCAD Software from below links:

Software License Type Price (INR) Buy Now
ProgeCAD 2018 Full Version INDIA (SL) Rs.8,475/- + GST
ProgeCAD 2018 Full Version INDIA (NLM) Rs.9,322/- + GST
ProgeCAD 2018 Full Version INDIA (SL/NLM) – Upgrade from ProgeCAD 2017 INDIA Rs.3,389/- + GST
ProgeCAD 2018 Full Version INDIA (SL/NLM) – Upgrade from ProgeCAD 2016 INDIA or Old Versions Rs.3,729/- + GST

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Buy ProgeCAD Guide

There are many resellers for ProgeCAD software in the World and also in India. However, you need to choose a right partner to support your long-term professional needs like technical support, resolving performance and compatibility issues, unlocking license keys in the even of computer crashes etc.

Also, note that it is very important to partner with a big company where there will be dedicated staff members available all working days to handle your queries.

Instead, if you buy from a freelance reseller they may not be available at your desired time to solve your issues. The next important factor will be License Certificates and Tax invoices.

In India, it is mandatory to have a GST invoice for all Software purchases. Jytra issues GST invoices and promptly files GST returns every month along with GST payment.

If you are registered with GST, then you can claim this amount as input credit.

However, it is very risky to buy ProgeCAD software without GST invoice. In such cases, you are liable to pay GST on reverse charge basis which will cost you extra money and also an extra process for you.

Hence choose the right partner who can give you legal license certificates and GST invoices so that your license is valid for lifetime and there will be someone who can listen to your issues.


Please note that Jytra Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. will provide free technical support if you have license certificate only from Jytra.

If you buy from our Authorized Dealer, the dealer name also will be printed on license certificate. Please see below example.

ProgeCAD India Price List

Stand-Alone License

Stand-alone licenses can be moved PERMANENTLY to another workstation within reasonable limits.

For this, uninstalling progeCAD from one computer and then installing and activating it on another is enough to permanently move the license.

Rs.8,475/- + GST


Network Floating License

The progeCAD NLM version (Network License Manager) allows running concurrently a number of progeCAD copies corresponding to the number of licenses purchased on various workstations within the same network (LAN or Internet).

Rs.9,322/- + GST

Corporate One Site License

progeCAD Unlimited Office license for a single location – ideal for offices requiring more than 30 licenses. Corporate One Site License (Unlimited users at one location of a company), Corporate One Country License (Unlimited users at all locations of a company in INDIA)


About ProgeCAD Software

ProgeCAD is a cost-effective 2D drafting and 3D Modeling CAD software which supports industry popular dwg & dxf file formats.

The technology behind ProgeCAD is IntelliCAD engine which provides best performance in both 32bit and 64bit operating systems.

ProgeCAD was the founding member of IntelliCAD Technology Consortium which was formed n 1999.

ProgeCAD has been the long-standing member of IntelliCAD Technology Consortium which is a member-driven non-profit Organization based in USA.

ProgeCAD has been parallel development of several features and functions which are not available in standard IntelliCAD engine.


Top Reasons to choose ProgeCAD

  • Perpetual License! No annual fee
  • No learning curve! Nothing to learn if you are AutoCAD® users
  • Works natively with DWG! Fully compatible with AutoCAD® without conversion
  • PDF and DWF to DWG conversion included
  • Convert your old paper draughts into CAD!
  • Create architectural layouts in a flash with the parametric plug-in
  • Export to Google Earth®!
  • Work with the included  huge blocks libraries and manage your own symbols
  • Keep the CAD up-to-date for a low price. You decide when to upgrade
  • Work with a reliable partner with a worldwide presence

Advantages of Jytra


Buy ProgeCAD software from an experienced and reliable partner, Jytra Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad, India.

Jytra is one of the oldest partners of ProgeSoft in the World and started its operations way back in 2006. Below the unique advantages of Jytra to buy ProgeCAD software:

  • 100% tax compliant process during software import
  • 100% GST invoices (no need to pay GST yourself on reverse charge basis)
  • Claim 18% GST amount back if you are GST registered in India
  • Authorized License Certificates along with the name of our Dealer
  • Free and Prompt Technical Support for lifetime
  • Well developed technical support to handle queries in a quick time frame
  • Jytra has strong CAD software development and support experience compared to other resellers

Buy ProgeCAD now from our online store with lowest prices:

buy progecad online in india

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