ProgeCAD 2018 Download

ProgeCAD 2018 Download – Introduction

ProgeCAD 2018 Download started one year back when ProgeSoft, Italy announced the release of this version. ProgeSoft has started its first product in the year 1999 based on first IntelliCAD release.

The subsequent releases of progeCAD are mentioned below:

  1. progeSOFT IntelliCAD 2000
  2. progeSOFT IntelliCAD 2002 XP
  3. progeCAD IntelliCAD 4
  4. ProgeCAD 2006 Professional
  5. ProgeCAD 2007 Professional
  6. ProgeCAD 2008 Professional
  7. progeCAD 2009 Professional
  8. ProgeCAD 2010 Professional
  9. ProgeCAD 2011 Professional
  10. ProgeCAD 2013 Professional
  11. ProgeCAD 2014 Professional
  12. ProgeCAD 2016 Professional
  13. ProgeCAD 2017 Professional
  14. ProgeCAD 2018 Professional
  15. ProgeCAD 2019 Professional (will be available by 15th May 2018)

ProgeSoft had been continuously improving the software along with IntelliCAD Technology Consortium to make its product a better alternative to AutoCAD® Software.

Also, the prices are kept very affordable since inception so that people can invest in this software without the need to pay exorbitant prices for other CAD software in the market.

ProgeCAD 2018 Download is available for free trial with no obligation to buy.

progecad 2018 download
ProgeCAD Software

It’s important to note that ProgeCAD 2018 Download for India is different from other countries.

It is a special low priced edition meant for Indian users and license keys are different compared to global version.

However, there are no technical differences between India and global versions. ProgeCAD India is being distributed by Jytra Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. since 2006.

ProgeCAD 2018 Features

ProgeCAD 2018 professional is released based on IntelliCAD 8.2 Technology and later updated to 8.2a engine. There are many enhancements in this version compared to previous releases.

Below are major improvements in ProgeCAD 2018 Download Software:

  • Improved Speed and performance
  • New IntelliCAD 8.2a engine
  • Separate product installers for 64bit and 32bit
  • Artisan Advanced Renderer for high-quality image rendering
  • ESRI shape files import option
  • Many improvements to the user interface
  • 3D Connexion Space Mouse support for 3D models dynamic and smooth navigation
  • Introduced Super Hatch command
  • Windows 10 full compatibility and fixes for Falls Creator update
  • In-built perspective image correction tool
  • Multi-line leaders
  • In-place editor for MTEXT
  • Improved PDF Export
  • Layer support in PDF printer
  • Improved PointCloud import (.pcg, .isd, .xyz, .ply, .las, .laz)
  • New Array creation dialog
  • Fading of XREFs and Locked Layers
  • Fade control for Refedit (block editing) command
  • Minimise and maximize viewports
  • Predefined layers for dimensions and hatching
  • Introduced hatch transparency option in drawings
  • New TextFront command to bring the text to front
  • Improved PointCloud files import (.pcg, .isd, .xyz, .ply, .las, .laz)
  • Improved compatibility of Microstation .dgn files
  • Import and open other Microstation file formats .dgnlib, .rdl, .cel
  • Object snapping on underlay files like pdf, dgn, and dwf
  • Improved underlay options for better control
  • Toolbars location locking
  • Contextual Ribbons for Text, MText, Image entities and the Refedit command
  • Introduced pin lock for Ribbon panel
  • Workspaces and options management
  • Changed default template for QNEW command
  • Introduced new CACHE FILES mechanism to externally store layout data
  • New Change block command to replace all block instances
  • Introduced new CENTERMARK command
  • New XDWGFADECTL to adjust the fade of XREFs
  • Added slope linetypes for topographic drawings
  • Improved LOFT command
  • New Rename command with the improved interface
  • Improved eTransmit feature
  • Introduced DIMBREAK command to add gaps on dimensions extension lines

ProgeCAD 2018 Download Options

ProgeCAD 2018 Download
ProgeCAD India Software

ProgeSoft has introduced several new methods for ProgeCAD 2018 Download to reduce failure rates. Below are the newly available options:

  • Downloader for reliable downloads. It will automatically recognize the CPU bit version and download appropriate 64/32bit version to suit that computer. It is not advised to use this option unless you are prepared for ProgeCAD 2018 Download on multiple computers.
  • ProgeCAD 2018 Download for NLM Server (for Network Floating Licenses)
  • 64 bit full exe installer file download link
  • 32 bit full exe installer file download link
  • 64 bit iso file download link
  • 32 bit iso file download link

The user can choose appropriate option based on their computer configuration and internet speed.

ProgeCAD 2018 Download

Below are the direct download links:

NLM Server:

64-bit exe:
32-bit exe:

64-bit iso:
32-bit iso:

ProgeCAD 2018 Update History

ProgeCAD 2018 Download versions changed few times with few fixes and improvements. Below is a list of releases:

  • ProgeCAD 2018 New Version Released,  Date : 07-Jun-2017
  • ProgeCAD 2018 Professional – INDIA  18.0.4 Version Released, Date : 15-Jul-2017
  • ProgeCAD 2018 Professional – INDIA  18.0.4 R2 Version Released, Date : 09-Aug-2017
  • ProgeCAD 2018 New Version 18.0.6 Released, Date : 05-Oct-2017
  • ProgeCAD India 2018 New Version 18.0.8 Released, Date : 04-Dec-2017
  • ProgeCAD 2018 Professional New Version 18.0.8.R2 Released, Date : 17-Jan-2018
  • ProgeCAD 2018 Professional India Update 18.0.10 Released, Date : 06-Mar-2018
  • ProgeCAD 2018 Professional New Patch 18.0.10 R2 Released, Date: 18-Apr-2018

There could be few more maintenance releases in near future.

ProgeCAD 2018 Download

ProgeCAD 2018 Usage Procedure

In order to improve your ProgeCAD 2018 Download and trial experience, we have consolidated the steps here:

  1. Determine your computer CPU bit (64bit or 32bit)
  2. Choose appropriate download option from above list. If you are planning to install trial only on one computer, it is advised to use the ProgeCAD downloader which is more reliable. Otherwise, you can choose .exe or .iso file of appropriate version. If you are downloading .iso file, you need programs like 7 zip to extract the contents. ProgeCAD 2018 Download with .exe file is most popular option among users.
  3. Once the download is completed, you can run the installer and follow the on-screen procedure. The package is heavy as it has inbuilt prerequisites like .Net framework 4.5, VC++ 2010, VC++ 2011, Icad block libraries, EasyArch3D plugin etc. The install should normally take 5 to 10 minutes based on your computer configuration. During installation, it will ask for few options like installation locations, whether you need to install EasyArch3D plugin or not etc. Simply follow the installer dialog options.
  4. Once the installation is completed, you can start the software and your trial will begin. ProgeCAD 2018 download comes with full functional 30 day trial period for global versions and 15 day trial period for the Indian version.
  5. Once the trial period is completed, software will prompt to you to enter or buy the license key. You can buy ProgeCAD 2018 India software licenses from below store links of Jytra.

Free Technical Support

In order to increase the ProgeCAD 2018 Download and trial experience by users, Jytra Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad offers free Technical Support to its Indian users.

There is no obligation to try and get free support. ProgeCAD is a kind of Try and Buy product. We never force or encourage any user to buy progeCAD if he/she is not satisfied with the trial version.

Please note that there is no difference between trial version and licenses version of the software. The same trial can be permanently activated by entering the license key, it is that simple.

Jytra has a well-developed database of frequently asked questions with ready solutions. Thanks to our Knowledge Repository (KR) system to enable our support team to quickly provide solutions all raised support tickets.

Support tickets can be raised at

ProgeCAD 2018 Online Store

ProgeCAD 2018 Full Version INDIA (SL) Rs.8,475/- + GST
ProgeCAD 2018 Full Version INDIA (NLM) Rs.9,322/- + GST
ProgeCAD 2018 Full Version INDIA (SL/NLM) – Upgrade from ProgeCAD 2017 INDIA Rs.3,389/- + GST
ProgeCAD 2018 Full Version INDIA (SL/NLM) – Upgrade from ProgeCAD 2016 INDIA or Old Versions Rs.3,729/- + GST

Users of ProgeCAD 2018 Software

Below are some of our valued customers who have been using 2018 version after ProgeCAD 2018 Download and satisfied with the trial (shown only a few recent customers from India):

  • Jignesh Panchal
  • Mohan S T
  • Trygve Engineering Private Limited
  • Design Consortium
  • Sri Venkateswara Engineers
  • Millwright TechServ Pvt. Ltd
  • S.R. Enterprises
  • Vedant Enterprises
  • Jicon Industries
  • Concept Designer
  • Kams Designer Zone
  • Tapasya Jewellery Manufacturing Company
  • Shree Pressing

New Upgrade Offer

ProgeSoft and Jytra offer a free upgrade to forthcoming ProgeCAD 2019 Full Version India to all those Indian customers who buy the licenses of ProgeCAD 2018 on or after 15th April 2018.

Jytra will deliver free upgrade emails as soon as new version is available. Hence there is no need to wait for the new version, go ahead for ProgeCAD 2018 Download and buy the license after a satisfactory trial.


ProgeCAD 2018 Download is available at below link for both 64-bit and 32-bit versions. ProgeCAD 2018 has many new feature, commands and totally optimized speed and performance.

Jytra provides no obligation fully function free trial to Indian customers and offer free technical support. Those who buy ProgeCAD 2018 Professional India software on or after 15th April 2018 will get the free upgrade of ProgeCAD 2019 Professional India once it is available.

ProgeCAD 2018 Download

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