ProgeCAD Free Download

ProgeCAD Free Download

ProgeCAD free download available on this website with complete features enabled for 15 days. There are no technical limitations in this ProgeCAD free download version compared to the final version.

ProgeCAD Free Download

About ProgeCAD

ProgeCAD is a 2D Drafting and 3D Modeling CAD software based on IntelliCAD engine. ProgeCAD professional is the main software product of ProgeSOFT, Italy.

Their other products are iCADMac which is meant for IOS operating system. The technology of iCADMac is based on the Grabert technology of Germany.

ProgeSoft has also developed ProgeCAD Architecture with BIM functionalities.

ProgeCAD Free Download

ProgeSoft started its operations way back in 1985 by developing CAD symbols for companies like ABB.

They have developed over 25000 block symbols and later integrated some non-proprietary symbols into their Block Library called iCAD Block Libraries.

This module is available along with all the products of progeSoft including ProgeCAD free download.

ProgeCAD India Dealer
ProgeCAD Professional Software India

The cost of ProgeCAD professional is very less compared to other products like ProgeCAD Architecture and iCADMAC as it is mainly based on IntelliCAD Technology.

IntelliCAD Technology Consortium is a member-driven non-profit Organization operation from Portland, USA.

ProgeSoft is the founding member of IntelliCAD and launched its commercial product in 2000 based on first IntelliCAD Engine.

ProgeSoft had been releasing subsequent versions based on newer versions of IntelliCAD.

ProgeCAD has many features, commands, and modules built on top of core IntelliCAD engine.

Below mentioned are some of the add-on features available in ProgeCAD Professional Software:

  • EasyArch 3D Plugin for Architectural drawings
  • iCAD Block Library
  • Dynamic Screen input
  • Layer previous
  • Dynamic Block Editing
  • Cloud files integration like dropbox, Google drive, Onedrive etc.
  • PDG to DWG in-built converter
  • Raster / Image to Vector (dxf) Converter
  • BATTMAN command to manage Block Attributes
  • Block Attributes editor
  • Super hatch command
  • Dynamic UCS command
  • Multi-grip editing
  • Google Earth integration
  • 3D PDF export
  • ESRI shape files import etc.

Due to heavy customization and above-mentioned add-on features, ProgeCAD Professional has become a popular general purpose CAD software. As of today, there are over 350000 users of ProgeCAD in various countries. ProgeCAD free download has all these features to completely try the product before investing in it. It is important to note that ProgeCAD is not a direct replacement for any other CAD software.

It has to be carefully evaluated using ProgeCAD free download to ensure its suitability for each design office. In some case, the default 15 day trial period may not be sufficient to thoroughly evaluate the product. You can request a trial extension to test the features. We normally send a demo key for further extension of the trial period based on ProgeCAD free download.

ProgeCAD in India

ProgeCAD software started its sales in India way back in 2005. Jytra Engineering Services was stared in 2006 in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Jytra started its association with ProgeSoft in 2010 and started selling the software as AutoCAD alternative to Indian customers. Later in 2011, ProgeSoft, Italy has appointed Jytra Engineering Services as All India Distributor.

Other dealers of ProgeCAD in India started buying the software from Jytra and reselling. Jytra has conducted huge marketing campaigns for ProgeCAD all over India and offered ProgeCAD free download to many prospect users.

Jytra started selling the software for Rs.4999/- in the year 2011 and sold many licenses in India. Users were showing more interest in this software as the price is very affordable. The main target was to convert users with pirated licenses of other CAD software to become genuine.Jytra has conducted many trade shows, seminars, events and meetings in all important cities in India and created more and more awareness about ProgeCAD as a cost-effective alternative to expensive CAD Software.

progecad india dealer distributor jytra
ProgeCAD India Distributor

ProgeCAD price was increased to Rs.5,999/- in the year 2012 due to increased operating expenses. The price continued for few months but customers used get doubt about the capability of software due to very low price. Hence we increased the price to Rs.6,999/- in the same year but it didn’t help much. The next price revision was to Rs.8,999/- which was a helping price in India to increase sales. However, users still use to negotiate a lot on this price and operations were not profitable with discounts and increase of USD prices with respect to India. In 2014, the price was directly increased to Rs.12,999/- for Standalone License and Rs.13,999/- for Network License Manager. This price was maintained for a long time even by offering good discounts to users.

ProgeCAD Free Download

In 2015, Jytra transformed its business operations and registered a new company with name Jytra Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Jytra has started focus more on CAD software development due to its internal business reasons.

In 2016, ProgeSoft, Italy has appointed other resellers in India due to their internal business reasons while continuing Jytra as India Distributor. Jytra continued its focus as usual on ProgeCAD sales and support.

Today Jytra is the largest seller of ProgeCAD software in India with its strong dealer network, sales team and support team.

Jytra has over 3000 customers in India and sold over 15000 licenses so far and the count is going on.

With these statistics, Jytra is one of the major partners of ProgeCAD in the World.

ProgeCAD 2018 Download
ProgeCAD India Software

Jytra Advantages

Despite of competition from other CAD re-sellers in India, Jytra has focused mainly on Customer satisfaction since inception. There are many freelance CAD re-sellers without much experience in sales or in CAD technology.

Some people focus on sales aggressively and give up at the time of clients’ technical issues. This will lead to serious business less and impact product brand in the market.

With over 13 years of experience in CAD business, Jytra has implemented strong business processes and below are its unique advantages:

  • Lowest prices guaranteed in India
  • 100% legal procedures and Tax invoices for all purchases
  • Get GST back as input credit if you are GST registered in India
  • No obligation ProgeCAD free download for evaluation
  • Free and quality technical support
  • Dedicated Sales and Support team to handle prospect and customer calls
  • Presence at multiple locations in India
  • Highly experienced technical staff with CAD Software development and usage knowledge
  • Get license certificates and frame certificate instantly

Free Technical Support

ProgeCAD free download with free technical support from Jytra. There is no obligation to try and get the free support. At the end of trial period, our team won’t force you to buy the software if you are not satisfied with features. In some cases, if you wish even we extend the free trial to fully evaluate the features. Below are the highlights of free technical support on ProgeCAD by Jytra:

  • Well documented Technical questions and answers
  • Knowledge Repository for ready references by customers and team members
  • Screen sharing sessions with users to solve the problems instantly
  • Direct communication with ProgeCAD, Italy team to get solutions
  • Well developed Technical Support System
  • Regular reviews on technical issues and devising reasonable solutions

Though we try our level best to give correct technical answers to all users, it is not possible in all cases. We may face some peculiar problems with some user drawings which are created in other tools. If we cannot solve the problems, they will be notified to software developers to implement them in future releases.

Purchase Options

ProgeCAD free download will work only for a limited period up to 30 days. You can activate the trial version using a license key. You can buy license keys from ProgeCAD India online store by Jytra.

Other purchase options are Cheque/DD payment in favor of Jytra Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. payable at Hyderabad, India. Please visit Jytra Online Store for complete information.


ProgeCAD free download is available on this website which is fully functional. ProgeCAD is a general purpose 2D drafting and 3D modeling CAD software suitable for engineers and Architects.

ProgeCAD has over 350000 users worldwide since 1999. ProgeCAD uses IntelliCAD engine with several improvements on top of it.

Jytra is a leading Distributor of ProgeCAD software in India with over 13 years of business existence and offers free technical support during and after the trial period on ProgeCAD software for its users.

Contact us today for more information.

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