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ProgeCAD ® is an alternate CAD software developed using IntelliCAD® engine. ProgeSOFT, Italy had been the commercial member of IntelliCAD Technology Consortium since 1999.

The company sales and development operations are based in Italy and its registered office is located in Switzerland.

First of all, ProgeSoft was a very old Organization started CAD blocks development way back in 1985 and later it was developing some plugins for Autodesk® Software.

When IntelliCAD products are available for commercial members in 1999, ProgeSoft discontinued its association with Autodesk® and also launched its own CAD products with brand name proge (the meaning of which is Project in the Italian language).

ProgeCAD India Dealer

ProgeCAD has launched an exclusive ProgeCAD India version a few years back to offer Indian users the fully functional 2D and 3D CAD Software at a very low price.

ProgeSOFT, Italy has appointed Jytra Engineering Services (the name later changed to Jytra Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.) a Hyderabad based company as All India Distributor for ProgeCAD Software.

Jytra has also conducted several events, seminars and meetings all over India to create more awareness about this software among Indian design community since 2011.

progecad india dealer distributor jytra
ProgeCAD India Distributor

Jytra had been working with the ProgeCAD development team and implemented several improvements in the product.

The product name was also changed to ProgeCAD Full Version India by ProgeSoft through the special request from Jytra.

Also implemented the License control mechanism for Indian customers with a provision to manually unlock the software key in case of system crashes, uninstall by user etc.

ProgeCAD License Options

Below are the available license options of ProgeCAD in India:

  • ProgeCAD Full Version India – Standalone License (SL) suitable for one individual computer.
  • ProgeCAD Full Version India – Network License Manager (NLM) suitable for LAN or Cloud network. It is a kind of floating license to serve a ProgeCAD client computer one at a time. One NLM license will allow one ProgeCAD client to work at a time and Once the user closes one ProgeCAD client in Network, the other ProgeCAD client can launch it.
ProgeCAD India Software
ProgeCAD India Software

ProgeCAD India is also available for big Organizations with Corporate One Site and Corporate One Country Licenses with unlimited users at a consolidated price.

The Corporate One site license is meant for one company and one location for unlimited users. However, the software cannot be used at more than one particular geographic location. This option is suitable for a single site with more than 30 concurrent users.

On the other hand, the Corporate One Country License is meant for one company and one country for unlimited locations and unlimited users. This option is mainly suitable for large establishments having several users at multiple locations in one Country. This option is suitable for one company in India with a user base of over 100.

Why Choose ProgeCAD India Software?

Unique Advantages of ProgeCAD India Software:

  • Exclusive low lifetime price for India (60% less compared to other countries)
  • Fully functional 2D and 3D functions
  • No learning needed, it has a very similar interface, commands and shortcuts like other popular CAD
  • Native dwg and dxf files supported (all versions), no need to convert files
  • Available in both 64bit and 32bit versions
  • NLM license option available for network floating requirements
  • Both Ribbon and Classic User interfaces available
  • Over 23,000 blocks for ready drag and drop in various domains like Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Architectural, Structural, Power transmission, distribution, hydraulics, pneumatics etc.
  • PDF to dwg converter in-built
  • Image to dxf converter in-built
  • Artisan Renderer tool available for high-quality image rendering
  • GoogleEarth integration
  • EasyArch3D Plugin for easy Architectural 3D modeling and BOM generation


ProgeSOFT has implemented many add-on commands in addition to core IntelliCAD features to enhance the productivity of users. Some of the add-on features mentioned below as on today:

  • Dynamic screen input mode
  • Table creation and editing
  • Table styles
  • Super hatch command
  • ESRI share files import
  • Dynamic UCS for easy 3D modeling
  • Multi-grip editing for 3D Solid objects
  • Cloud integration to save and retrieve drawings
  • EasyArch3D plugin for Architects
  • iCAD Block Library
  • CADENAS and Traceparts integration
  • 3D Connexion Space mouse support
  • Modified Options dialog
  • Other commands, toolbars, menu changes etc.
ProgeCAD India Software
ProgeCAD India Software

Why partner with Jytra?

In India, Jytra has added several value additions to ProgeCAD business with its rich technical knowledge. The company had been operating by a group of technocrats since 2006 from Hyderabad, India. After thorough market and technical analysis, Jytra was appointed by ProgeSOFT as All India Distributor in the year 2011 with exclusive rights.

Jytra has sold several thousand licenses and added several hundred new ProgeCAD users in India. The company has a strong management team with over 30 years of average experience and with highly qualified and experienced engineers to handle the Sales and Technical Support services.

Jytra handles any technical support queries normally within 24 hours. Below are unique advantages of Jytra Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.:

  • Highly qualified and experienced management, sales and support team
  • Free and prompt technical support delivering precise solutions
  • Several years of experience in CAD Software development, Sales, and Support
  • 100% legal business practices
  • No hidden charges on orders, prices openly published on our website.
  • Prompt delivery of Licenses and certificates
  • Automated business processes to recognize customers and license keys, thanks to our in-house developed CRM software
  • Technical Support system to file the technical issues and to get quick responses
  • Regular updates and patch releases in conjunction with ProgeSOFT development team

We have developed a huge database of Knowledge Repository based on our years of customer support experience.

Solutions are available readily in our system for most of the technical issues. In addition, our team works on highly automated marketing, sales and support system.

Technologies used in ProgeCAD

ProgeCAD is mainly based on IntelliCAD engine for interface, graphics, and commands. IntelliCAD Technology Consortium (ITC) is a member-driven non-profit technology Organization based out of USA.

IntelliCAD, in turn, is a founding member of Open Design Alliance (ODA) which develops Teigha libraries for dwg and dxf files. ODA is also a member-driven non-profit technology Organization operating from the USA.

IntelliCAD has developed the interface and other programs based on Teigha libraries to read and write contents to dwg and dxf files. IntelliCAD members like ProgeSoft, ActCAD, TrueCAD etc. add their own value additions on top of core IntelliCAD engine.

ProgeCAD also uses ACIS 3D kernel to handle 3D objects in dwg and dxf files. Artisan render is another module exclusively meant for high-quality 3D rendering.

There are few other technology collaborations like pdf to dwg converter, raster to vector converter, Amyuni PDF and image printers etc.

Further more it is a software product of several external software technologies along with several in-house developed technologies. Thus ProgeCAD has become a powerful design software replacing other expensive CAD tools in the International market.


ProgeCAD Professional Video Demonstration

ProgeCAD Exclusive Inda Price List by Jytra

Standalone License (SL)  –  Rs.8,475/- + 18% GST

Network Floating License (NLM) – Rs.9,322/- + 18% GST

Corporate One Site License – contact us for a special price

Corporate One Country License – contact us for a special price

System Requirements

Below is a recommended system configuration to run ProgeCAD software effectively:

  • Any processor above 2 GHz speed
  • RAM: 4GB or above
  • Graphics Card: 1GB dedicated recommended for high-end projects
  • Hard Disk: 10GB available free space


ProgeCAD is a cost-effect 2D Drafting and 3D modeling CAD software available in the International market since 1999. Jytra deals with ProgeCAD India version software almost since 2006 and therefore has a huge user base.

ProgeCAD uses several technologies in it like IntelliCAD, Open Design Alliance Teigha libraries, Artisan renderer, Amyuni PDF and JPEG printers, external PDF to dwg converter and few others.

ProgeCAD is a stable and cost-effective CAD software suitable for any real time CAD projects in domains like Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Architectural, Structural etc.

Upgrading to future versions is optional as the licenses are perpetual and valid for the lifetime as long as your computer hardware and its Operating Software supports it.

Jytra is the best partner in India to buy ProgeCAD due to its vast experience and huge user base.

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