ProgeCAD Price in India

ProgeCAD Price in India

ProgeCAD Price in India is openly published on our website and are mentioned below:

Software License Type Price (INR) Buy Now
ProgeCAD 2019 Full Version INDIA (SL) Rs.9,999/- + GST
ProgeCAD 2019 Full Version INDIA (NLM) Rs.10,999/- + GST
ProgeCAD 2019 Full Version INDIA (SL/NLM) – Upgrade from ProgeCAD 2018 INDIA Rs.3,999/- + GST
ProgeCAD 2019 Full Version INDIA (SL/NLM) – Upgrade from ProgeCAD 2017 INDIA or Old Versions Rs.4,999/- + GST

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ProgeCAD is a powerful 2D Drafting and 3D Modeling CAD Software developed by ProgeSoft, Italy. The first version was launched in the year 2000 based on first IntelliCAD 2000 engine with a brand name ProgeCAD. ProgeCAD means Project CAD in the Italian language. ProgeCAD soft has released almost 15 versions so far with gradual improvements in software features and performance. Today ProgeCAD has a presence in over 75 countries and with a user base of over 300000.

ProgeCAD price in India
ProgeCAD India Software

Jytra Engineering Services was started in the year 2006 as core CAD company to develop, sell and support various CAD solutions. Jytra is one of the very old partners of ProgeCAD in India and has been providing value-added solutions since its inception. ProgeCAD price in India was majorly handled by Jytra in the past 13 years and continuing its leadership.

In the year 2010, Jytra and ProgeCAD have signed a dedicated All India Distribution agreement to increase the sales in Indian territory. Under this agreement, ProgeSoft has launched a low priced Indian version of progeCAD to target economy users. Jytra has started aggressive marketing campaigns in India and conducted many events, trade shows and client meetings all over the country and created more awareness about ProgeCAD. The launch ProgeCAD price in India was only Rs.4,999/- for ProgeCAD 2011 Professional India version.

In 2013, ProgeCAD has launched ProgeCAD 2013 version and renamed the product name to ProgeCAD 2013 Full Version India as requested by Jytra Engineering Services. Due to increased operational costs, ProgeCAD price in India was increased to Rs.8,999/- which includes free technical support.

ProgeCAD 2014 Full Version India was another major version which was based on very popular IntelliCAD 6.6 engine. Jytra has increased its CAD market share in India through ProgeCAD Software and appointed many Dealers and resellers all over the country. The ProgeCAD price in India was increased to Rs.12,999/- due to the implementation of in-person support at client locations.

The next major release was ProgeCAD 2016 Full Version India in the year 2015. This product was based on IntelliCAD 7.2 engine. This product continued at same Rs.12,999/- ProgeCAD price in India for almost 1.5 years. Jytra has reached its maximum number of sales on ProgeCAD among all its other CAD products.

In March 2016, ProgeCAD has launched ProgeCAD 2017 Full Version India based on then latest IntelliCAD 8.1b engine. It was the first version available in separate 64 bit and 32bit versions. Jytra continued as ProgeCAD Authorized Dealer from 2016 onwards. Due to some business reasons and new competition, ProgeCAD price in India was reduced to Rs.9,999/- + GST for Standalone License version and Rs.10,999/- + GST for Network License Manager. Jytra stopped in-person support at client locations and started 100% remote technical support through emails, phone and internet screen sharing sessions.

In April 2017, ProgeCAD has launched ProgeCAD 2018 Full Version India based on IntelliCAD 8.2a engine and this is still continuing.

ProgeCAD 2019 Full Version India was released on 15th of May 2018. ProgeCAD 2020 Full Version India is expected to be released by April 2019.

Buying Options

ProgeCAD India can be purchased from the oldest and most reliable partner Jytra Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. using below options:

Option 1:

buy progecad online in india

Option 2: By sending a Cheque/DD to the Sales office of Jytra. You can find the details on this page.

Option 3: By making an electronic payment to below-mentioned account:

Beneficiary:      Jytra Technology Solutions Private Limited
Bank Name:     ICICI Bank Limited, Bachupally Branch
Bank Address: #2-3-4-5, HI-RISE APT, Mallmpet Rd., Bachupally, Medchal Dt., Telangana 500090, India
Account No.    : 279905000111
Account Type:  Current
IFSC Code       : ICIC0002799

Volume Discount

Though ProgeCAD price in India is very less compared to other countries, Jytra offers some extra discount in users buying more licenses. If you are ready to buy 10 or more licenses of ProgeCAD Software in India, Jytra would offer an extra 10% on above-mentioned list prices. Contact us today for more information.

License Types

ProgeCAD is available in below-mentioned license options:

(i) Stand-alone License (SL) for individual computers

(ii) Network License Manager (NLM) for network floating licenses. One license will work on one computer at a given point of time. If you need to use ProgeCAD in more computers in LAN or Cloud network you need to buy a corresponding number of NLM licenses.

(iii) Corporate One Site License: It is basically meant for large establishments with more than 30 users in one geographic location. Unlimited users can use this site license in that particular location by the purchased company.

(iii) Corporate One Country License: This license is meant for one large company having over 100 users at multiple locations in India. Each location can use unlimited licenses of ProgeCAD.

Contact us today to know pricing information about corporate licensing.

Future Upgrades

Upgrades to ProgeCAD future versions are totally optional to users. There are two upgrade options available, one from immediate previous ProgeCAD version and the other from any previous version of ProgeCAD. The current upgrade prices are mentioned in the above-mentioned table, however, they are likely to change from time to time.


Jytra is the leading and oldest partner of ProgeCAD in India which over 13 years of existing in CAD business. Jtyra has supplied over 15000 ProgeCAD licenses in India and had been serving over 3000 customers. Get best prices on ProgeCAD guaranteed from Jytra with free and high-quality technical support. Jytra has dedicated a team of developers, sales staff, and support engineers. Choose the reliable partner in India for your ProgeCAD software needs. Jytra has developed a very strong knowledge base of regular technical problems and has integrated Technical support system on its website. There are multiple purchase options available with Jytra and your order will be processed in just hours.

ProgeCAD price in India is almost 60% less compared to ProgeCAD global prices.

Best ProgeCAD price in India is guaranteed by Jytra and we beat any competitors or competing products price. 

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