Highlights of ActCAD Software Licensing

Licenses are perpetual and valid for life-time

Licenses are valid globally

Self License Transfer option available

Instant delivery of License Key(s)

Unique Licensing Technologies developed in-house

License Types

1. Key Based License

This is suitable for individual CAD users having internet connectivity to activate the software. You can use "License Transfer" command to move the license between computers. No need to uninstall and reinstall the software. One license will work only in computer at a given point of time. Internet connection required during Activation and Deactivation. We do support OFFLINE ACTIVATION also, but License Transfer won't work in this case. No need to connect the computers in LAN network.We support Single License key also for Corporate Customers with multiple activations limit. You can monitor the usage of licenses on your Client Login page.

2. Dongle Based License

We will send you a USB dongle by courier to your billing address. Install ActCAD software on any computer and plug in the USB dongle into a free USB port, to use the software. The dongle can be used on any computer and will activate the ActCAD software installed on that computer. The computer on which ActCAD is being used need not be connected to the Internet.

3. Network Floating License

This option allows you to purchase one or more licenses which allows that many computers on a LAN to use ActCAD simultaneously. All computers on the LAN can use ActCAD, but simultaneous use is limited to the number of licenses purchased. When you purchase a Network Floating License our Support personnel will get in touch with you to take you through a simple installation procedure. You can choose either a USB dongle or License Key to activate your installation.

4. CAD OEM License

We rebrand ActCAD products with your own brand name and provide you the installer.