ActCAD Self Help Us

ActCAD Self-help module will provide instant answers to all regular questions. The solutions and symptoms database is regularly updated based on client queries. This module will save your time without the need to submit support ticket and wait for reply. You need to have a permanent License Key or Support ID to access this module any time. During Trial period, the Trial License key or Support ID may be used. Please note that trial license key will not work after the trial period.

In Actcad self-help system, you will be able to select the problem category and sub-category. Once you submit, you will get all questions and solutions related to selected category and sub-category. We have added videos and images wherever needed so that you will understand the solution easily.

If you do not remember the License Key, you can enter the Support ID (10 characters long) which can be found in Help->About dialog box. Use F12 key to launch the About Box.

If you are unable to find a solution from our database, you can submit a support ticket so that we will get back to you through email.

Submit Support Ticket