If the last command is not waiting for the previous command in LISP where some user input was expected from user like text, user one of the below two methods: (i) By inserting a "pause" option in text command statement. You can use many pause functions one after the other with a single space. But you may not be sure how many times user enters the input. (ii) By writing a while loop to wait for previous command to completely finish using below statement: (while (= 1 (getvar "cmdactive")) (command pause)) Unless this statement is there, commands go concurrently from LISP to CAD session.
Most of the LISP commands are supported in ProgeCAD. However there are few limitations on VISUAL LISP Some of the Visual lisp commands are not supported by ProgeCAD. Check the code thoroughly and compare with ProgeCAD Help Developer Reference.
Use REFEDIT command. Then click on YES for local editing. Don't forget to save the changes on small refedit toolbar that pops out at top left corner in your progeCAD session.
If you drawing is having any internal issues it will ask you for regenrate. Use _audit command and "Y" to fix any internal errors. Always it is good practice to regenrate, but it will happen only in inconsistent drawings. However, it is optional to you whether to renerate or not.
Please use QSELECT Command. Your drawing should contain some entities so that this command will work.
Below are the steps to achieve this result in ProgeCAD 2014 Software. Select any entity inside progeCAD. In that condition, go to Tools->Drawing Settings -> Coordinate Input Tab Then you will notice two options at the bottom on Entity Selection Pickbox, increase the size at the pickbox dropdown list. Similarly you can increase the Entity Snap Aperture, by increasing the Aperture size. Thank you for choosing ProgeCAD software, a read CAD alternative at very affordable cost.
There is a system variable in ProgeCAD called "DYNMODE". The default value for this is 3, which enables the user to see a dynamically popped window showing the list of filtered commnds on screen. If you wish to stop this display in ProgeCAD, type DYNMODE in command prompt and set the value to "2" instead of "3". At any point of time, DYNMODE value can be changed back to 3 or vice versa.
In Tools->Options->Display ........Display Performance, there is a check box for Hardware Acceleration. The graphics card acceleration in machines which did not have dedicated graphics cards have to be turned off. Other wise, it may slowdown the performance of progeCAD.Restart the ProgeCAD after this setting.
To solve the reported issue, the CF-0x07 warning message being displayed, we suggest you to register progeCAD another time. To do it, open the Windows Start > All Programs > progeCAD > progeCAD Center, and click the Register progeCAD option.
Two of my friends were complaining to me that progeCAD is very slow and heavy on their computers. They have mixed configurations, from Dual Core to Core-i3. Dual core suffered the most. But I kept on telling them that my staff & I had no problems like this at all. And my Home computer is Dual Core and that too handles progeCAD quite well. Yesterday I accidentally found out from the drawings sent by my structural engineer - Mr.Narendrakumar who has 15 copies of progeCAD - that his office was now using True Type fonts. (Earlier they were using only SHX fonts - Roman-S. We, in our office use Roman-S only - we have never used true-type). It was only a small 250 KB file but zooming & panning on the dual core computer was slow and it became heavy on the system. I suspected on the true-type fonts and changed them to Roman-S. Immediately everything was normal and fast. So if anybody complains to you regarding slow operations in progeCAD, probably it is because of the true-type fonts and you can advise them to change to any SHX fonts and the increase in speed in tremendous - especially with slow computers
Yes, we encourage you to become our Dealer or Reseller. However, we appoint only one Dealer in a particular State/Region. If there is no existing Dealer, you will get a chance to become our Dealer. Otherwise, we will redirect you to your local Dealer so that you can become their reseller
We recommend you to buy the software from your nearest Dealer to get better support. There won''t be any price difference between dealers and direct Distributor or online purchase.
We normally process your order on next working day from the order placement date. However, it might take up to 3 days to supply you the license code(s) and Authorization Certificate
Yes, you can purchase progeCAD India software online using your Credit/Debit cards. We rely on ccAvenue to process our online payments. They are secured and your information will be kept highly confidential. However, we are not responsible for any loss or stolen data. Other options are you can do NEFT/RTGS transfer to our account
NO, these prices are valid only for Indian Territory. It will be illegal to export these licenses outside India. Even if you place online order outside India, it will not be honored. Please contact us directly with your specific needs so that we can suggest appropriate version of progeCAD to suit your requirements which is legally valid
Open progeCAD 速. Help menu -> About progeCAD The mask is written the exact number of installed version
Save the last image rendered: From the View menu choose "Rendering" and then "Render Options."
-- In Tab Rendering press the button "Save Last Render." (or Visual. Last Render to see the screen image of render made)
-- Specify path and name, by extension, for file and confirm.
Save the render directly to file:
From the View menu choose "Rendering" and then "Render Options."
-- In Tab "Renderizza to file" to define the desired size and press the button "Render"
-- Specify path and name, by extension, for file and confirm
-- Access the mask "Print", choosing from the File menu command "Print"
-- Select from printers: "progeCAD PDF Wizard"
-- Through the button "Properties" configure, if necessary, the parameters of the print as a common printer.
-- Setting the parameters of scale, position paper print area pens.
-- Ask if necessary preview and launch printing.
-- At the time of printing will be asked a name for the PDF file to be generated, and its path
Like all the print, depends solely by means of printing installed.
-- Open the design to be printed
-- Start the Print command
-- Select the tab Operative (plotter, printer or output file) in the mask Print
-- After selecting the means of printing you want, click the Properties button
You''ll see the driver interface printing device that allows the creation of custom size (if provided by the manufacturer). For additional information about creating customized formats the device used, consult the manufacturer''s manual. Attention:If progeCAD 速 did not save customized formats, you must move from the Control Panel > Printers Windows
the Area value is not present in the current progeCAD version. It will be reported by the progeCAD 2012 Professional version. Right now to have the area value you have to draw a polyline along the hatch border
Please check the following points: 1. What is the anti-virus software that you have installed? 2. There is a chance that a particular software is acting on the progeCAD start-up process stopping it. 3. While installing the progeCAD software, whether the anti-virus/anti-spam software deactivated or not? 4. Do you have any other particular software active when you start progeCAD? 5. Are you able to start the progeCAD software with your anti-virus/anti-spam softwares deactivated
-- Ensure that the option "print line weights" in the mask "Print" in "Advanced", is selected.
If the thickness of lines is set from a file of the print. Ctb
-- Make sure also that in the file. Ctb are configured right thickness in relation to colors.
If the thickness of lines is set from a file of the print. Stb
-- Make sure your file. Stb are configured right thickness in relation to the styles